Episode Three


According to an article by Aleesha Kahliq on CNN titled “Want to Own a Picasso? A $100 Raffle Ticket Could Make Your Dream Come True”, you can purchase a ticket for €100 ($108) to win this Picasso:

“Nature Morte” (still life) — an oil on canvas painting measuring 9 inches by 18 inches — in 1921

I mean…it’s worth $1m. I’m a Picasso fan, but this doesn’t even light up MY art-o-meter. The good thing about the raffle is that all the money goes to a fund to assist people in third-world countries to obtain access to fresh water. There is a cap of 200,000 “tickets” to be sold. Get yours here: https://1picasso100euros.com/

I’m on the 11th (IKR? There are more than 50 in the series!) book in J.D. Robb’s (aka Nora Roberts) “In Death” series titled “Judgment in Death”. It’s a near-future cop/crime/mystery series. Sounds weird, I know. But the books are well written and interesting. I got this one through Overdrive/Bridges again.

Things That Currently Worry Me

  1. The large number of satellites and space junk surrounding the earth
  2. President Trump
  3. Seeing more and more wrinkles around my eyes
  4. Black Mold
  5. The health of my dog
  6. Whether or not that mother who went to Hawaii with her boyfriend killed her two kids
  7. That I don’t have any good wine at home
  8. Our grocery stores here in Marshalltown never have Cinnamon Crave Cereal
  9. Tires that are low on air
  10. Overripe Avocados
I read the title of this next article, “Stephen Miller: Stopping Asylum-Seekers is “all I care about” by Molly Olmstead on ‘The Slate’ and had to click on it to see if it was true. I should have known that all-around disgusting human being, Stephen Miller would have said something like this. I certainly hope that karma rears her (justice-filled) head and smites this wanker, HARD!
I “found” this Nigerian artist through an article by Katy Cowan on Creative Boom called “Oil paintings by Oluwole Omofemi that explore the politics behind Black women’s hair”. I searched for some more of his paintings so that I could get a good idea of what he was about. In his own words, “each of his latest paintings is a celebration of ‘Afrocentric pride’, as well as a reflection on the postcolonial era.

I just love the gorgeous colors he uses to portray people of color. I especially love the velvety texture of the skin in the portrait of “Sisi”. Check out more of his work on Instagram @OluwoleOmofemi.

Thanks so much for reading my message!

People need your kindness. Give it freely!

My Website: www.stressart.com

My Art for Sale: www.artfinder.com/stressart

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