Episode Five

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“MCSD Youth Art Show Slated to open this weekend” The annual Marshalltown Community School District Youth Art Show will be on display at the Fisher Community Center auditorium from Saturday, Feb. 29 to Saturday, March 28. The art show is a way to celebrate Youth Art Month and showcase the artistic skills of young Bobcats.

David Hockney unveils new drawings of his close friends in National Portrait Gallery show
I love David Hockney! Here’s a great article with wonderful photos of his new drawings and the show. The Article is by Katy Cowan and is on Creative Boom.
In the article, “BUTTERFLY EFFECT: SHOULD WE THANK ‘PAPA XI’ FOR SAVING US FROM CORONAVIRUS?” by Charu Sudan Kasturi on OZY, it’s stated that over 150 million people are under partial or complete lock down. Think about that, folks…The population of the United States is currently 327.2 million. So that means that the number of people under some type of lock down in China is a little under half of the entire population of the US. Can you image 1/2 of the United States in some type of quarantine? That number right there is more shocking to me than the entire total of deaths.
Can someone please make this for me now? Including the Klimt print? https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/diy-murphy-bed-before-and-after-36714634
Faces Emerge from Minimalist Ceramics by Fan Yanting to Consider Emotional Depth
How amazing are Fan Yanting’s small ceramics?

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