Episode Seven

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The Smithsonian has released over 2.8 million images to its public domain. You can download them FREE OF CHARGE! How cool is that? Here’s a sample:

I’m now going on Day 17 of the No Pop Experiment. I have to say I feel ‘somewhat’ better healthwise. The thing is, since I don’t drink pop (that’s what we call it here in the Midwest) I’m drinking a crapload of water. This has a few good side effects. 1) It helps with hydration, 2) I have to get up from my desk several more times a day to use the restroom, thus helping me get closer to the ‘get up once every hour’ recommendation, 3) Saving a few bucks not spending $ on pop and drinking free water. The bad thing is that now that I know I can survive without pop, I’m going to have to start working on another bad habit in the near future.

I just read an article titled “It’s stupidly easy to get people to drink less soda” by Mark Wilson on Fast Company. In it Wilson notes that because of the 2017 four-month tax on sweet drinks in the Chicagoland area, soda purchases dropped by 27%. I think this is great! The only issue I see with it is what will we drink with our fast food? Water, Iced Tea, Milk? The good thing about this issue is that it might help me with my next experiment – stop eating fast food. ;0)
Why is US Currency so blah? I mean, the artwork is cool…but give me some colors!!!
Like the REST OF THE WORLD! That is all.
Stock Photos of Indian Rupees (Photo by Nasir Kachroo/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Rare Weedy Seadragons Hatch At California Aquarium
Artist Kathleen Ryan
Creating oversized sculptures of mold-covered fruit. She uses precious and semi-precious stones like opal, malachite and smoky quartz to make the mold on the pieces. Check out her work here.

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