Episode 23 – Wednesday, 3/25/20

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Doctor who survived Ebola details a harrowing day in the ER. Coronavirus scares him

The REAL story. Please take time to read to understand what this pandemic is REALLY like. This is not what it’s like in Iowa, where I am. But, it will be exactly like this or worse if people don’t wake up and start taking this seriously – including our President.

Kissing Is Harder Than It Looks — Here’s How to Do It Really *Really* Well
Article on Greatist
Bold Scarves Inspired by the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
I want ALLLLLLLLL of them!
Article by Gregory Han on Design Milk.
For a dog – but hey, if you’re lonely! ;0)
Melissa Meier
from the Jealous Curator & Melissa Meier’s website

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