Episode 35 – Wednesday, 4/15/20

My Art for Sale: www.artfinder.com/stressart

My Website: www.stressart.com


Article by McKena Kelly on The Verge.

Helen Frankenthaler Foundation Commits $5 M. to Crisis Relief: ‘A Moment to Step Up’

Article on ArtNews by Maximiliano Duron.

Space Age Meets Scandi (and Shag Rugs) in This Groovy Little 1970s Australian Home

Article from Apartment Therapy.

Cat Bookend Set

WANT! Get them at Urban Outfitters – $39

Thousands of pink jellyfish invade Philippines

But…they’re pretty!

Article from Unexplained Mysteries.

‘Making the Cut’ is the ideal show to bond over while social distancing

Binged as many episodes as they had up this weekend. I really liked it a lot. I think I really missed Tim Gunn and Heidi – even though I do adore Christian Siriano. This was refreshing!

Swapna Namboodiri

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