Episode 38 – Monday, 4/20/20


My Art for Sale: www.artfinder.com/stressart

My Website: www.stressart.com

Trump Wants Everyone to Forget He Ignored Repeated Coronavirus Warnings!

17 Actors Who Were Absolutely, Without A Doubt, 100% Perfectly Cast

Article by Allie Hayes on Buzzfeed. What do you think?

MoMA launches free online courses on modern art, photography and fashion

Article on designboom by kieron marchese .

Katie Porter Is Fine With Republicans Having Nightmares About Her (INTERVIEW WITH sAMANTHA BEE)

“Are you exhausted from appearing in every Republican’s nightmares?” Bee asked Porter during a video-streamed interview. Porter nonchalantly replied, “No, that’s a very comfortable role for me.” And, with a deadpan expression, she added, “If you’re full of bullshit, I’m coming for ya. I just don’t have time. I’m a single mom. The dinner’s burning. I’m late to something. I have 4,000 emails. My hair is frizzy. I haven’t shaved my legs in a week. No bullshit.”

This chick is AWESOME! Go get ’em girl!

Article on Refinery 29 by Araceli Cruz.

Now that we’re at home, bring the great artists to you

Article on Google Arts & Culture by Eben Carle.

Frances Priest

Thanks so much for reading my message!

People need your kindness. Give it freely!

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