Episode 60 – Friday, 5/29/20


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Sure, we’ll watch a movie about Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa fighting vampires

Article by William Hughes on AV Club. Is there anyone more beautiful than Jason Momoa?

Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

Susan Rothenberg’s Asteroidal Impact on the New York Art World

Article by Peter Schjeldahl on The NewYorker.

In an era preoccupied with what to do in art and how to do it, Susan Rothenberg addressed and answered a rarer question: Why?Photograph by Jason Schmidt / Courtesy Sperone Westwater

Why a ‘Strange and Nerdy’ Book About Eels Is Making Waves

Article by Lisa Abend on The New York Times.

“I had the feeling my story, and my family’s story, is not something to write books about,” said Patrik Svensson, who connected with his father, a road paver, during childhood fishing trips. “The eels gave me something to hide behind.”Credit…Julia Lindemalm

7 Must-Read Books Everyone Will Be Talking About This Summer

Article by Samantha Zabell on Apartment Therapy.

Top 10 Normal Photos That Hide Shocking Murders

Article on ListVerse by CHEISH MERRYWEATHER

rosemary holliday hall

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