Episode 162 – SATURDAY, 2/6/21


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My Website: www.stressart.com

Jason Mowry’s “Eternal Return” at Haven Gallery

Article on SuperSonic

Let HBO’s ‘Painting With John’ Gouache Over You

Article by Glen Weldon on NPR.

John Lurie grumbles about art and life while painting watercolors as tree-frogs croak in the tropical night. It’s weirdly calming.

An Art Dealer Discovered a Rare Miniature Portrait of France’s Cross-Dressing King. Now, He Wants to Sell It to the Louvre

Article on Artnet News.

Jean Decourt’s miniature portrait of Henri III. Courtesy of Philip Mould & Company.

From the classic ‘it bag’ to the limited-edition art piece, they are the most collectable accessory. Cath Pound explores the world’s most sought-after handbags, from past to present

Article by Cath Pound on BBC Culture.

The 1996 Florist’s Basket handbag by Lulu Guinness echoes styles from past centuries (Credit: Victoria and Albert Museum, London)

laurel macdonald – linocuts

Thanks so much for reading my message!

People need your kindness. Give it freely!

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