Episode 177 – SATURDAY, 3/13/21


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Artist Draws Incredibly Realistic Cat Faces You’ll Want To Reach Out and TouchHaruki Kudo

Article by Margherita Cole on My Modern Met.

Rare ‘locked’ letter sealed 300 years ago is finally opened virtually

Article by Katie Hunt on CNN Style.

This 17th century trunk of undelivered letters was bequeathed to the Dutch postal museum in The Hague in 1926. A letter from this trunk was scanned by X-ray microtomography and virtually unfolded to reveal its contents for the first time in centuries. Credit: Courtesy of the Unlocking History Research Group archive

hama sculpts sushi from natural polished stones

Article by juliana neira on Design Boom.

Artist Seamlessly Places Beloved Pop Culture Icons Into Old Military Paintings – Scadarts

Article by Sara Barnes on My Modern Met.

In an Astounding New Book, a Neuroscientist Reveals the Profound and Science-Backed Benefits Art Has on Our Health

Article by Devorah Lauter on Art Net.

A terminally ill patient visits “Late Rembrandt” at the Rijksmuseum in 2015. Photo courtesy of the Ambulance Wish Foundation.

ian jones – mixed media

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