Episode 191 – WEDNESDAY, 4/14/21


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Banknote embroidery as political art – in pictures

Article by Alice Fisher on The Guardian.

Lee Webber’s embroidered American dollar banknotes. Photograph: All images © Stacey Lee Webber

Figures Experience Constraint and Confinement in Bronze Sculptures by Khaled DAWWA

Article by Grace Ebert on Colossal.

The Momentary: A Former Factory in Bentoville Gets a New Lease of Life as an Art-Filled Cultural Hub

Article by ERIC DAVID on Yatzer.

Camille Pissarro: Transatlantic struggle for painting stolen by Nazis

Article by Lucy Williamson on BBC News.

The painting had been hidden there by a Jewish couple, Raoul and Yvonne Meyer, the heirs of famous French department store Galeries Lafayette. It was 1941, and France had already been under German control for a year. The Pissarro canvas disappeared into Nazi custody.

This Artist Creates Textured Coral Sculptures With Porcelain

Article by Jessica Wang on Apartment Therapy.

roseanne jones – mixed media

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