Episode 206 SATURDAY, 5/22/21


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Two UK galleries to share portrait of German doctor who resisted Nazis

Article by Mark Brown on The Guardian.

Lovis Corinth’s 1899 portrait of Dr Ferdinand Mainzer, which was accepted in lieu of inheritance tax and allocated jointly to the National Gallery and the Henry Barber Trust. Photograph: The National Gallery, London

ANIMEYED II. by flora borsi

See the Most Bizarre and Beautiful Animal Eyes on Earth

Article by Leslie Nemo on Scientific America.

Credit: Steve Bloom Images Alamy
Indian elephant: Dissections of elephant eyes show that during the day, the gentle giants likely have red-green color blindness just like some humans, meaning they can’t distinguish the two colors.

Louise Bourgeois Shares Her Deepest Secrets

Article by Hilarie M. Sheets on The New York Times.

A detail from “Passage Dangereux” by Louise Bourgeois. “It is about the Oedipal complex and the inability of Louise to go through the rites of passage,” said her literary archivist.Credit…The Easton Foundation/VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY; Peter Bellamy

i love katie porter!!!!!!

siobhan leonard – painting

Thanks so much for reading my message!

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