Episode 234 – SATURDAY, 8/21/21


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Sotheby’s Is Partnering With MGM Resorts for a Mega $100 Million Picasso Auction in Las Vegas

Article by Eileen Kinsella on ArtNet News.

Installation view of the Picasso restaurant at Bellagio. Image courtesy Sotheby’s and MGM Resorts.

A Look Back at the Art Lost and Damaged on 9/11

Article on ArtFix Daily.

Can We Ever Look at Titian’s Paintings the Same Way Again?

Article by Holland Cotter on The New York Times.

“The Rape of Europa,” 1559–1562, the Gardner’s own Titian, is reunited with five companions in the exhibition’s only American venue. Like many older masterpieces, Titian’s superlative creation — a narrative of victimized innocence — is art with a lot of unbeautiful features.Credit…Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Artist Spotlight: Lisa Vaccino

Article by Anna on Booooooom.

Napoleon plundered Europe’s art to bring prestige home to France

Article by Terry W. Hartle on The Christian Science Monitor.

luc villard – painting

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