Episode 246 – SATURDAY, 1/29/22


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How Does the FBI Art Crime Team Operate?

Article by Cassie Packard on Hyperallergic.

Personnel from the FBI’s Art Crime Team hold a framed work by Marc Chagall prior to its return to the owners’ estate in 2018, nearly 30 years after it was stolen. The painting, entitled Othello and Desdemona, was recovered in 2017 after a Maryland man contacted the FBI’s Washington Field Office. According to court documents, the Maryland man had obtained the painting in the late 1980s or early 1990s from the man who stole the Chagall in New York in 1988. (all images courtesy the FBI)

Faith Ringgold Mural at Rikers Island to Move to Brooklyn Museum

Article by Zachary Small on The New York Times.

A $546 Million Roman Villa With the Only Ceiling Mural Caravaggio Ever Painted Just Flopped at Auction

Article by Caroline Goldstein on Artnet News.

realistic paintings on pennies

Article by Manon on Fubiz

Bryanna Marie

Museums invited to take part in BBC’s Art That Made Us Festival

Article by Geraldine Kendall Adams on Museums Association.

peter walters

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