Episode Twelve

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SETI@Home ends its crowdsourced search for alien life after 21 years

It looks like they are “hibernating” for a while to analyze all the data they’ve gotten so far and will pick up later. So fascinating!

Don’t Disinfect Your Phone with Disinfecting Wipes!
Please read “4 Things You Need to Know—Right Now—If You Use Disinfecting Wipes to Clean Your Phone” by Olivia Muenter on Apartment Therapy.
A Mother’s Survivor’s Guilt in the Wake of Sandy Hook
And Jesus wept. This is amazing writing about the horror and reality of what Sandy Hook was and is. And don’t worry, she explains what sacerdotal means later in the essay.
See what buildings from famous paintings would look like IRL
These are sooooo cool! By Lilly Smith at Fast Company.

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