Episode Six

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Now this is a celebration that I can get behind! In the city of Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands a floating parade is held to celebrate the fantastical painter Hieronymus Bosch.

Rush Limbaugh Claims The ‘Common Cold’ Coronavirus Is An Effort To ‘Get Trump’
This is the guy our President just gave the Medal of Freedom to a couple of weeks ago.
Hello folks??????
I refuse to put his picture on my blog – so check out the link (above) to HuffPost for the full article.
IMHO, Leap Day should be a Holiday in the US. Since it’s on a Saturday this year, everyone should have Friday, 2/28 off. That is all.
Return to the Wild: The Chris McCandless Story
Have you seen the documentary “Return to the Wild: The Chris McCandless Story”? It tells the story of Chris McCandless, an adventurer who vanished in the Alaskan wilderness. It’s an interesting but dark second look at McCandless’s story. The first was “The Call of the Wild” and in addition there was a motion picture called “Into the Wild” made based on a book by Jon Krakauer.

Anyhoo…I guess people have been traveling to the bus out in the wilderness that McCandless’s body was found in for years since his death. WHAT? And two people have died on the way there/back (?) and just recently a group from Italy had to be rescued. Here’s an article about it from Boing Boing and written by Eric Halfacre. I do recommend the documentaries as they are incredibly interesting but also very sad.

As my MFM girls Karen & Georgia would say, “Stay out of the woods!”.
Chris McCandless
Unpainting: The Ethereal Art of Ryan Crotty by David Behringer on Design Milk.

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Episode Two


Apparently the next generation has a name already – it’s Generation Alpha. According to Joe Pinsker in his Atlantic article called “The Next Generation Already Has a Name” (https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2020/02/generation-after-gen-z-named-alpha/606862/).

Gen X – up to 1980

Gen Y – up to 1996 (aka Millennials)

Gen Z – up to 2010


I’m a voracious Romance reader. The racier the better. Right now I’m reading Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik. It is an awesome Space Opera with compelling characters. I recommend it for a entertaining read. I’ll definitely be reading the second book in the series, Aurora Blazing. I’ve been using my library card at Overdrive/Bridges saving myself lots of $$$$. With as many books as I read, I need to be able to borrow the books I read and Bridges is an easy way to do that.

How did I not know that Tyson Fury’s Suit Game was SO ON POINT!?!?!?

So there’s this…I know it’s all over the media, but I thought I’d include it because it IS something that is happening right now and it DOES scare people. I don’t think we have it under control at all.

Coronavirus: ‘Narrowing window’ to contain outbreak, WHO says from the BBC Website

Art Apprish Corner
Please appreciate Rachel Klinghoffer’s art!
Klinghoffer uses cast off items to create her amazing sculptures. I love the Installation View. It looks like a dancing lady to me. By hanging it in the air, it gives the heavy looking piece the illusion of movement. And I am a total sucker for macrame – and bright colored macrame? Ooo La La! See more of Rachel’s work on her website: http://www.rachelklinghoffer.com. She’s got a lot of paintings on the site as well which I enjoy, but her sculpture is the BEST! I’m a fan!

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Episode One

This blog is a personal journal. Something that will remind me what was going on in the world at a particular time. It also seems like I’m constantly finding things (artists, art, culture, oddities) that I want to share with people. And when I say ‘people’, I mean EVERYONE. Because I feel like my best job would be as a curator of life. Someone who picks out interesting things and puts them together so that people who are busy can get a quick sip of what I think is interesting.

With that said, here are a few thoughts for this first post…

Baby Yoda…yes, cute. But I don’t get the hype.

Biblical Plague of Locusts – Hell to the Naw, Naw, Naw!

Supercut by YouTube user Chave

Things I’m loving right now:

  1. My Favorite Murder Podcast – Love you, Georgia & Karen!
  2. Escape to the Chateau – PBS/BBC
  3. Send to All – BBC

Melissa Capasso’s work is a revelation in color. Found her work and love it to death! Visit her website to see more: https://www.melissacapasso.com/

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