Episode Eleven

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An Interactive Social Network of Abstract Artists: Kandinsky, Picasso, Brancusi & Many More

This is FASCINATING! Read the article on Open Culture.

I’ve been thinking about renovating my bathroom for a while now. I love the ideas in this article by Tina Chadha on Apartment Therapy. The wallpaper in this pic is TO DIE FOR!
This made my day.
Why You Remember Things Better When You Write Them Down
This makes so much sense! I’ve been really embarrassed by the fact that I have a physical planner that I write to-do lists in every day. Certainly by now I should be using an app on my phone or my calendar on my phone. NOPE! There is something really satisfying about writing down a task and physically checking it off when done. This article by Elyse Hauser on Life Savvy explains why.
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